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What is Fit3d Body Scan

The future of health is now at your fingertips. You can get a scan that will measure everything from body circumference, posture analysis, and even BMR in less than two minutes! Plus with our 3D avatar, you'll be able to track progress anywhere anytime without having any worries about missing out on what's going right or wrong for optimal wellness, It may seem like an overwhelming task but we're here ready to help make this process as easy breezy!

Fit3D Body Scan - Proscanner

Fit3d Posture Analysis Identifies Problems That Impact Mobility

Posture is something that most people take for granted until they begin having chronic back or neck pain. A posture analysis can help identify your risk for problems like kyphosis (commonly known as roundback), which affects mobility and quality of life by causing sufferers to slouch while struggling with breathing difficulties in addition too other symptoms including tenderness around the upper spine area caused due poor positioning over time resulting into episodes where it becomes difficult extending one's arms outward; stiffness during movement unlike what was experienced before thus compromising range-of motion plus energy spent forwards momentum leading eventually towards fatigue/fatigue reduction behaviors

Fit3D Body Scan - Compare Weightloss

Drive Revenue

Clients report seeing a 2x increase in conversion rates.

Increase customer retention with a Digital Receipt to prove your program & services.

Educate & Engage

3D Avatars show emotional “before & afters” while capturing hundreds of circumference measurements.

Accurate and precise body composition results sent straight to your email.

Save Time

Scans in less than 3 minutes.

Saves on labor hours through autonomous hardware and cloud-based reports.

Fit3d Body Scan - hybrid-w-fullreport

Designed to Perform

Fast. Scan AND get your emailed results in under 3 minutes.

Kiosk allows for customers to scan themselves, freeing up your staff for other things. Also relevant for social distancing for Covid-19.

Handles enable unmatched accuracy of scans.

Cloud-based accounts allow for 24/7 access to reporting behind a safe password protected login.

3d Avatars & Customer Experience

Printouts & PDF’s weren’t cutting it. So we upgraded the entire analog experience into an interactive dashboard that motivates & educates your clients. Experience how we approach 3D Avatars, Body Composition, & more.

Fit3d Body Scan - compare-U2

Full Technical Specifications

Fit3d Body Scan - Techcal Specifications

V6 ProScanner

· Autonomous scan capability
· Handles for accuracy & safety
· 35 second scan time
· Non-invasive

· 3 high-resolution sensors
· Integrated 4-point balance weight scale
· Self-calibrating turntable
· WiFi Tablet PC included

· 193 lbs
· Roughly 6’ x 3’ of space required
· 71” tall

Client App

Clients expect an app - we have one.
Just tell them to “download the Fit3D app.”

Our app allows for express account set up & access to their scan data 24/7.

Fit3d Body Scan - Client App
Fit3D Body Scan - Coach App

Coach App (Admin Dashboard)

More than just a report.
Have access to all your clients reports from anywhere, anytime. Set permissions for your staff as well.

· Scan Totals
· New Clients
· Trainer Conversion Rates

Easy & Accurate Results

Fit3d Body Scan - compare-U2

3D Avatars

Show prospects what their body actually looks like.
Show members how their body is changing over time.

3D avatars are the number 1 reason why people choose Fit3D. The accuracy is top of the line & every avatar comes with circumference measurements & body fat percentages.

Body Composition

We have a partnership with Dexa that helps us make the best predictions on lean mass & fat mass. We also show you how you compare to everyone else.

Fit3D Body Scan - Body Composition
Fit3D Body Scan - Circumference Measurements

Circumference Measurements

Consistent & fast measurements without human bias. Fit3D captures hundreds of measurements automatically so you can easily track progress over time.


Popular feature comparison tool that shows you in 2D how you literally compare with yourself. Very popular feature for social media.

Fit3D Body Scan - Overlay
Fit3D Body Scan - Health Score

Health Score

We worked with leading universities to develop a health score metric based on your body shape, which is directly inversely proportional to visceral fat. We call this your Body Shape Rating.

Posture & Balance

Fit3D also tracks posture & balance – great for aesthetics, physical therapy, & clubs training athletes for injury prevention.

Fit3D Body Scan - Posture & Balance
Fit3D Body Scan - BMR


Basal Metabolic Rate shows client’s how their body burns calories at your resting state. Essential for clubs who want to focus on nutrition programs or weight loss.

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Full Technical Specifications

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"Fit3D delivers a memorable experience to customers while helping operators reach their business goals. This 5th generation product further optimizes the tools operators wanted, while delivering a best in class member experience.”

Fit3d Body Scan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Fit3D delivers a memorable experience to customers while helping operators reach their business goals. This 5th generation product further optimizes the tools operators wanted, while delivering a best in class member experience.

How does Fit3D calculate BMR?

Fit3D uses the Mifflin St. Jeor formula to calculate BMR.

There are multiple formulas used to calculate BMR. Nowdays, the Mifflin-St Jeor equation is believed to give the most accurate result and it's what we use in this calculator.

This BMR formula is as follows:

BMR = (10 * weight / 1kg + 6.25 * height / 1cm - 5 * age / 1 year + s) kcal / day, where s is +5 for males and -161 for females.

What is Fit3D Body Fat & Where did it come from?

Fit3D’s proprietary body fat algorithm is our own, based off data we’ve gathered with our medical research partners that use both the ProScanner and a DXA body fat machine. Fit3D body fat is based off anthropometric measurements of more than 1,000 scans for which they also have DXA data. The Fit3D body fat algorithm correlates with DXA body fat data. Why correlate to DXA? Aside from costly MRI scans, DXA scans are the gold standard for body composition data, common in medical research facilities, yet not easily accessible for consumers.

How should I interpret Body Fat % results?

The chart below shows a fantastic breakdown of wellness ranges broken down by gender and age. This chart was created directly from our partners at DexaFit.

Why is my Body Fat % increasing?

Your body fat percentage is your fat mass divided by total mass. Lean mass is made up of everything that is not fat, your muscles, bones, and organs. So, if you’re noticeably decreasing your total mass, while your fat mass stays the same, your body fat percentage will increase.

Even if your fat mass is decreasing, total mass is decreasing faster, resulting in an increase of body fat percentage.

Is there a case study I can reference?

Clinical anthropometrics and body composition from 3D whole-body surface scans

This study was published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. We revised the algorithm a bit from here and will re-publish with the new algorithm through our collaboration with Mount Sinai Hospital when it is released.

Do body implants affect results?

Yes. We have no way of knowing what is under the skin and so because our algorithm is primarily volumetric/anthropometric based and assumes natural bodies, implants will affect the body composition numbers in an unnatural way.

"The Fit3D Body Composition results are different than what I'm used to..."

Body composition is almost like religion. The only real way to ascertain accuracy is through cadaver studies and therefore people generally use what they know. Please see this post from Body Spec (A mobile DXA company) to further explain:

The Big Fat Experiment

How does the Fit3D body fat algorithm do for extremely lean athletes?

As with most forms of body composition testing, extremely lean athletes are underrepresented in studies as is the case with us. While we do a "good" job of assessing body fat for the very lean population, our current algorithm will over represent them on average. This is further exacerbated because many lean people have a misunderstanding of how much body fat they actually have. If a leaner person, used to more readily available devices, were to take a DXA test, I would assume that they would be between Fit3D and Bod Pod in body fat. Furthermore, future releases of our body composition algorithms will continue to perform better as we aggregate additional control data.

Why you do not use the calculations being used by other technologies? SIRI, Brozek, etc.? Similar volume-based equations?

We looked closely into different options and have done studies, but find that equations like Siri and Brozek are over simplified and are not actually good determinations of body fat across populations. This is why we correlated directly with DXA vs. bod pod or bio-impedance. The other challenge that we face is that hair is "volume" in our system, so unless people are wearing swim caps, the volume of the head is quite a bit larger than in real life. Again, because volume based equations are so simple, any slight variation will cause undesired inaccuracies.

Is Fit3D Bady Scan safe?

Our system uses fairly common infrared depth mapping cameras to get the information used to create our avatars. The sensor is very similar to the Microsoft Kinect that is used in 10s of millions of households worldwide to play video games or to the technology used in the iPhoneX for face scanning.

The laser in our systems is controlled by software. Running apps that turn on depth streaming will activate the laser and operate it at a safe level.

Conditions including pregnancy, implants, pacemakers, etc. should neither be affected by the scan nor affect the scan results. If you have any specific concerns, please consult with your physician.

If you have any further concerns or questions about this subject, please reach out to our support team and we're happy to respond!

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