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What is Infrared Sauna

Are you looking for a great sauna experience in Concord? Look no further than our Sunlighten infrared sauna, that uses expert technology to deliver a sauna experience like no other.

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Sunlighten infrared sauna vs a regular sauna

When you think of going to a traditional sauna, two words come to mind: hot and stuffy. While regular saunas may warm the system and help you to sweat out toxins, it can often leave you feeling uncomfortably hot.

Sunlighten saunas heat you, not the air around it by using infrared lights. Unlike traditional saunas, the Sunlighten infrared sauna is there to be enjoyed… not endured! Some even chose to do light stretching or yoga to further boost the benefit for muscles.

It’s a much more intelligent way of heating the muscles to boost circulation, to give maximum benefit from your sessions. Once you’ve tried our Sunlighten sauna, you’ll never go back to the original kind!


Benefits of Infrared Sauna

Saunas encourage the body to sweat, which in turn releases toxins in the body, meaning regular use is great for detoxing. In addition, infrared saunas have specific benefits, including reducing blood pressure, stress, and fatigue.

They can also help with muscle aches, joint pain, and arthritis. Other benefits include weight loss and a reduction in cellulite.

Saunas are a great way to take time out and relax, especially if you have a lot of stress in your job or everyday life. They can also be used before a massage to enhance the breakup of waste products that are stored within the muscles (knots or trigger points), which can be difficult for your therapist to remove otherwise.



Sweat better. It's one of the body's safest and most natural ways to heal and maintain good health. Sunlighten's high-quality infrared promotes effortless, deep, productive sweat.

Health benefits

Heart Health

Strengthen your heart. Infrared sauna therapy acts like a passive cardio workout, which helps your heart by improving circulation and even helping reduce blood pressure.


Muscle Recovery

Recover faster. Infrared helps deliver more oxygen to muscle cells for faster repair and pain relief.



Renew your skin. Harness a scientifically proven “fountain of youth” and revitalize your skin’s appearance. Near-infrared LED technology increases collagen and elastin. Far infrared waves increase circulation, helping regenerate cells.



Truly relax and de-stress. Step into your peaceful wellness sanctuary and experience therapeutic heat that leaves you feeling physically restored and mentally refreshed.



Stay healthy. The natural preventive properties of Sunlighten’s patented heating technology helps your cell health and overall immunity.



Improve your sleep. The time you spend in your sauna can help you get better rest by creating a routine that supports relaxation and a healthy circadian rhythm you want to enjoy.


Weight Loss

Increase metabolism. Burn calories. Far infrared sauna wavelengths in all Sunlighten saunas create a passive workout, stimulating sluggish metabolism and improving fat burning.


Get a passive cardio workout while you relax.

Infrared sauna sessions raise your heart rate and increase circulation. This replicates a cardiovascular workout we term “passive cardio.” In fact, blood flow during infrared sauna use may rise from a normal rate of 5-7 quarts/minute to up to 13 quarts/minute. Your heart is a muscle; working it makes it stronger. A stronger cardiovascular system helps capillaries deliver more oxygen to muscle cells. For people with injuries or conditions precluding them from cardio activity, Sunlighten saunas can help serve as an alternative for needed cardio benefits.

Infrared saunas benefit blood pressure and circulation.

Sunlighten saunas have been clinically shown to provide one of the best, natural ways to help temporarily lower blood pressure.* In a 2005 clinical study by the University of Missouri Kansas City, Sunlighten’s SoloCarbon far infrared heaters were shown to temporarily lower blood pressure through a program of 30-minute infrared sauna session 3 times per week. The study concluded that Sunlighten sauna sessions, as part of a healthy lifestyle, dilated blood vessels and reduced the volume of their inner lining, thus increasing circulation needed for healthy blood pressure.


You can help your heart stay healthy.

A Japanese study published in the October 2008 issue of The Journal of Cardiology examined the clinical effectiveness and safety of infrared blood pressure therapy, as compared to standard therapies for patients with chronic heart failure. The report concluded that far infrared sauna therapy is both safe and effective at improving clinical symptoms and cardiac function as well as decreasing cardiac size in chronic heart failure patients. Repeated infrared sauna use improved impaired blood vessel functions in patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. This suggests a preventive role, as a part of a healthy lifestyle, for infrared sauna use for arteriosclerosis1.

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Give your heart some love.

You want to take care of your heart. Good circulation is critical to your overall health. We understand how hard it can be to make the lifestyle changes you need to fight genetics. Or simply to stay on track with all the things you need to do to keep your heart healthy as long as possible. Sunlighten makes it pleasant and effective, and science supports using a Sunlighten infrared sauna regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle can be good for your heart.


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Infrared Sauna Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Infrared light is a form of alternative and holistic health therapy with more and more research available every day. Sunlighten has been on the cutting edge of developing infrared therapies based on clinical studies and we are committed to innovating technology based on science. We listen to our customers and we adapt what we do to meet their health goals and needs with infrared sauna benefits.

How can I book a Sunlighten infrared sauna session?

  • Tap Into Health is based in Concord, California. You can either visit us at our location or give us a call on (925) 588-7285 for more information.

Which sauna is right for me?

  • Choosing a sauna to add to your wellness routine means looking at your lifestyle and your health goals to find the sauna that will be the best fit. We'd love to help you do that! Whether it's relaxation you’re craving or deep detoxification, Sunlighten infrared saunas will help you achieve your wellness desires. From weight loss to muscle recovery and skin rejuvenation, our patented infrared technology will restore your body and your mind. Select your health benefit need(s) and how many people you want room for in your sauna to learn which options are best for you.

How long is a typical session, and how often can I take a session?

  • Most people partake in a 30-45 minute session, 3 -4 times a week, but it is safe to use every day and at whatever heat suits you best.
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